Ernst & Young goes offshore for VA support

Another large corporate, Ernst & Young, has decided to take their support needs offshore, thereby taking more jobs away from Australia. To date we’re not aware of them actually contacting any Australian based VAs to provide the support they needed. I wonder if they even know we exist – despite having been here since 1996 – the industry that is, not our association 🙂

It is important that all VA networks here in Australia, and VAs individually, help to educate the public and particularly businesses, about the benefits of engaging a VA, or VAs, here in Australia.

While it might cost a lot to employ full time staff, the reality is that engaging a VA means only paying $$ per hour (or a package rate) for the work being done. There are no extras such as morning and afternoon teas, or lunch, or leave breaks, or sick leave, or equipment, software, Superannuation, taxes, or any of the other overheads involved in engaging staff.  This has to be an immediate saving in itself.

The majority of VAs here in Australia have good corporate background experience and, I daresay, there are probably some who used to work with E&Y and know their work culture.

Hey, Ernst & Young, and other corporations, please do look in your own backyard and consider the Australian VA workforce that is here, ready, willing and able!  We’ll save you money, know the language and culture of our land, understand the laws and tax needs here and will also protect your IP. After all, we’re governed by the same laws you are.