Do you want to be a VA?

Want to be a VA? Do you know what it takes? It’s not as easy as you think … The reality is that not just ‘anyone’ could become a VA and it is important that you have good keyboarding skills and are familiar with the software programs that you are providing support in.

So often we see people commenting on forums that they have a new client and now they need to learn how to do ………….  That is not a good way to start a new working relationship with a client.

There is a vast difference between working for a client for a period of time who has gained trust in your abilities, who then asks you to explore or try something you haven’t done before. I have had that happen often, as I know many experienced VAs have. But it’s not how to start off your business. And you must understand that this is a business and should be taken seriously.

If you’re looking to start out as a VA then please read the article on our site and then look to join any of the VA networks listed on our site so you can be mixing and mingling with other VAs. Join our Facebook group and learn from that also. And also consider doing a VA course or a business management course, to help you on your way. That’s not to say everyone needs training. If you’ve been in a managerial position in the corporate world for a few years you may have all the skills and experience you require to succeed. But worth checking them out anyway.

Help us to help you be more professional in your role as a VA and let us know what else we can do to assist.